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My Mornings by Sandy19801 My Mornings :iconsandy19801:Sandy19801 3 0
Sapphire of the Emerald Sea 6
"Let's see... Oh wait, I can't see." You mumbled annoyingly as you took a couple of cautious steps to whatever direction you were going. Now where did Arthur say Alfred was at?  The crow's nest...? What was that supposed to be? You didn't really have any clue to these ship-terms anyway.
Was it some nesting area for birds or something?
You took another step left. Two steps forward and down. A small step to the right aaaaaand you were completely lost.
What you didn't know was that you took four steps into a small hallway on the second floor of the ship. According to the ship's layout, you were about to step into the galley.
And just your luck; it was lunchtime.
Finally, when you reached the end of the path, you bumped into a door. Loud sounds of yells and merry laughter came from inside.
"Uhh... Let's see... I really should stop saying that..." Your arms stretched out trying to locate the doorknob. You fumbled around with the knob trying to figure whether it was push or
:iconsandy19801:Sandy19801 0 0
Darkrai Eevee Sprite by Sandy19801 Darkrai Eevee Sprite :iconsandy19801:Sandy19801 3 0 Eevee and Ho-Oh by Sandy19801 Eevee and Ho-Oh :iconsandy19801:Sandy19801 0 0
Sapphire of the Emerald Sea 5
[BRO WAIT RIGHT HERE FOR A SEC AND READ: Before you read this part, I'll tell you right now, it's a bit longer than the rest of the chapters. It's mostly about how Arthur finds himself with his buddies. It cuts off short cause I was getting tired of writing it and Prussia is an arse. Now, the reader isn't in the chapter until the end where Prussia unleashes his awesomeness. If you don't wanna read this chapter, skip to description where I have a summary of their story. I'd advise if you do skip to the summary, to read the last two paragraphs. It would really help to make sense of the story if you read the whole chappie, but I'm sure a lot of you guys are just throwing tomatoes at me waiting for the good part where Artie swoops in and kisses you. I plan for this story to be developing slowly. But don't worry, those good times shall come!]
"Dude, look at the pretty lights!!"
"Shut it you imbecile, we're going to die by those 'pretty' lights if you don't shut your trap and focus on helpin
:iconsandy19801:Sandy19801 1 2
Coffee On The Moon AlfredxReader
Ah, one of the best times of the day for an American man in his prime is at night. At a bar. With cash. And drinks. Oh and bar hopping with his British buddy. The two were wasted and crawling on the floor of the sidewalk.
"Al-Alfred, you-hic- think we should turn in for the night?" The British man with the eyebrows asked to his drinking buddy who was vomiting in the nearby trashcan. He flinched as the man with his head over the trashcan hurled another round.
"Nah, dude-hic- I got this! Hahaha!-hic-" Alfred wiped his mouth rid of the vile and laughed, then quickly returned to the trashcan once more.
The other looked at his watch and then at his wallet. "Goodness-hic- I'm a bit short on euros today... wasted most of it-hic- on rum." He scowled at the lack of money in his wallet and then looked over to his friend with his head stuck in the trashcan.
"Ugh, I'm so gonna regret this tomorrow, but I still have cash to blow, since I am the leading scientist at NASA biatch! Ahahaha! -hic- Wanna
:iconsandy19801:Sandy19801 3 0
Mellow Rock England by Sandy19801 Mellow Rock England :iconsandy19801:Sandy19801 3 0
The Mage and the Rabbit
So yeah, this was one of my essays for my Language Arts class... I liked the plot, maybe I should turn this into a fanfiction and stick random hetalia characters in where they fit? I dunno, you guys tell me if I should, Cause the plot is kinda boring. It's got Iggy and Chibirisu in it... meh.
The Mage and the Rabbit
In the middle of the dark cursed forest where all the villagers had always avoided, there was a small bright clearing that remained unaffected by the dark magic that surrounded the rest of the forest. In the little pure area, there lived the Faeries, Spirits, and other little magical creatures that lived with the animals that could survive the dark magic which the forest was drenched with. Along with those magical beings, a small outcast was living amongst them in a small hole of the largest tree in the clearing. This meek little one was quite different from the rest of the magical bei
:iconsandy19801:Sandy19801 1 0
Hetalia Christmas Crashes AlfredxReader
"Hey, you gonna eat that burger?" He asks you while stuffing his face with his... what, how many has it been? Six? Eight? No wait, his tenth burger.
"No Al, of course not, why would I ever buy a burger with my own money and eat it? Would you care to take this off my hand?" You answer him with the utmost use of sarcasm.
His face perks up with the brightest smile you've ever seen on him.
"Really? Thanks" And with that, he leaned over and took a huge bite out of the burger you were holding. You jerked your hand away from the fatass, causing him to loose his footing and smash his face into the counter next to you two.
"OW! Thmat hurmt!!"
You began to laugh uncontrollably as he used his freehand without a burger to rub his face.
"That's what you deserve! How many burgers did you eat already?! You said we were here to buy Christmas decorations for the party!"
"We are!! We're just in here for a snack!!"
"It's been half an hour and you ate over ten burgers!! You're scaring the employees!"
:iconsandy19801:Sandy19801 13 19
Hetalia Questionnaire 1
Alright guys, I'm bored and here's a quiz! Or it's more like some badly put together questionnaire, but with Hetalia! There will be 10 questions, somehow relating to the Hetalia countries. Do your best to answer them! If you want, you may post your answers in the comment sections if you want to share. If you pick 'Other' please tell me what you wanted to pick! Feed back is nice too. Thanks for reading!~
So let's start!
1. You're stuck in a walk-in fridge with America, England, and France. It starts to get cold and everybody is now hungry, what do you do first?
A. Ask France if he could 'warm you up'....
B. Ask England if he has anything to eat.
C. Do jumping jacks with America.
D. Ask England to 'summon' Russia.
E. Other.
2. You want to bring someone with you into the haunted mansion across the street,
who'd you pick?
A. America, for the lulz.
B. England.
C. Russia
D. Germany,
:iconsandy19801:Sandy19801 3 15
Merry Christmas Y'all by Sandy19801 Merry Christmas Y'all :iconsandy19801:Sandy19801 10 3
Sapphire of the Emerald Sea 4
"W-what?!" This could not happening to you right now. The British pirate in front of you, or somewhere to you, did not sound like he was playing. The sternness of his voice was coated with worry.
"_____, I do believe we should get you to the ship's medic. We need to see if it's anything permanent."
"OMG _____, can you see us?! How many fingers am I holding up?! What color is the ground?! What's one plus one?! How many caterpillars are on Iggy's face?!-" You could hear someone get hit.
"You nitwit, you make her sound like you." The voice said mockingly. An argument flared somewhere in the cabin and then another voice approached you.
"_____, mon chere, are you sure zat your vizion is gone?" A heavy French accent asks.
"Yeah, can you see anything at all?" the Spanish accented voice added in.
You winced. You could feel that your eyes were open and you could blink. But no picture or color of any kind but black was shown. The darkness scared you like before, but there were warm voices surrou
:iconsandy19801:Sandy19801 11 13
Sapphire of the Emerald Sea 3
"Ah, I think the captain of this ship has gone crazy." you mumble while watching the blond man climb up the mast where the French man was... well, you know. "Psh, that was a looong time ago." says the man with the strand of rebellious hair sticking up. "Aye chica, the man has problems, and bushy eyebrows." the tanned man adds. Now that you look closely at the man that almost fell off the mast of his ship while trying to kick the French man off, he didn't look so bad for a pirate. His blond unruly sandy hair shone in the sunlight from up above you. His green Emerald eyes could still be seen vividly from down here. That plus the odd bushy eyebrows that he had, but that didn't really affect his looks. After a while of standing there and watching the man chase the French man -who barely had any clothes on for who knows why- it became kind of entertaining. Now, I'm not saying
:iconsandy19801:Sandy19801 12 29
Happy Halloween...Git...
USUK~ Happy Halloween... Git... //
Hope you enjoy!~
"What kind of costume is that?"
The Englishman looks at his former colony with disbelief. "Alfred... A-are you wearing tights?"
"Yep. Why?"
Arthur just couldn't help but burst into laughter at the sight of the American's odd costume. "I swear, you Americans have the oddest tastes in costumes!" Then the Brit proceeds to topple over in a fit of laughs.
"Hey! It's not funny!!! I think it looks AWESOME!!!" Alfred tries to defend himself but he sorta fails...
Alfred was in his new Halloween costume which would look pretty embarrassing if you walk around in public in it. But this was America we're talking about. He made it work. In one way or another. And boy did he make them tights look sexy.
Dressed up in the most tackiest -or Arthur had thought- of one of his country's currently popular Super Hero, Captain America. Arthur thought it was ironic that Alfred's countr
:iconsandy19801:Sandy19801 3 0
Hetalia  Happy Halloween by Sandy19801 Hetalia Happy Halloween :iconsandy19801:Sandy19801 7 8
To Passionately Kiss
Alfred and Arthur were celebrating a Emerald Green Valentine's Day together. Alfred had cooked a bushy dinner and they ate in Florida by candlelight.
"My darling," Arthur said, stroking Alfred's Nantucket, "I have something for you." He gave a box to Alfred. "It is but an up-tight token of my American love."
Alfred opened the box. Inside was a loud hamburger! He gazed at it shyly. Then he gazed at Arthur shyly. "It's lazy," Alfred said. "Come here and let me kiss you."
Just then, a soft crone sprang out of hiding and cackled like a British dude at tea-time. "Your happiness will not last!" she said in a fat voice and dropped a piece of paper onto the dinner table.
Arthur read it. "It's a page from a diary. It says that you're my brother."
They stared at each other loudly as the crone cackled some more. Alfred's eyebrow began to tremble. Then Arthur shrugged, pulled out a soda, and hit the crone on her Texas. She fell over dead.
"Problem solved!" Alfred sai
:iconsandy19801:Sandy19801 2 0


Rain Over Via Emilia - STEP BY STEP by akreon Rain Over Via Emilia - STEP BY STEP :iconakreon:akreon 1,442 83 Ghosts by alicexz Ghosts :iconalicexz:alicexz 10,274 258 USUK-kiss by LitLoud USUK-kiss :iconlitloud:LitLoud 884 46 USUK - bright lights by TechnoRanma USUK - bright lights :icontechnoranma:TechnoRanma 3,555 357 Usuk by DeerAzeen Usuk :icondeerazeen:DeerAzeen 603 120 USUK in uniform by maybebaby83 USUK in uniform :iconmaybebaby83:maybebaby83 1,520 50 PIXEL COM- Eundine by WONNYSOUP PIXEL COM- Eundine :iconwonnysoup:WONNYSOUP 464 47 Steam Link by Daltair Steam Link :icondaltair:Daltair 3,810 585 Lutece Dolls: Heads or Tails by Metatronis Lutece Dolls: Heads or Tails :iconmetatronis:Metatronis 437 182 Cottontail Pixels by ChippyFish Cottontail Pixels :iconchippyfish:ChippyFish 5,475 287 Brad's TARDIS Birthday Card by Cinnamonster Brad's TARDIS Birthday Card :iconcinnamonster:Cinnamonster 31 3 I Suck at Drawing Backgrounds by MelissaDalton I Suck at Drawing Backgrounds :iconmelissadalton:MelissaDalton 18,114 1,070 Pokeball Papercraft no. 1 by Skele-kitty Pokeball Papercraft no. 1 :iconskele-kitty:Skele-kitty 209 86 Star Brushes by KeReN-R by Project-GimpBC Star Brushes by KeReN-R :iconproject-gimpbc:Project-GimpBC 927 156

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  • Listening to: Chopin/Austria's anger issues
  • Reading: Stupid books )':
  • Watching: Inception!
  • Playing: With my crappy hair. :(
  • Eating: Hamburgers
  • Drinking: Tea
So I can bring you guys back to the grave with me! Ohonhonhonhon!

First of all, A HUGE THANKS TO MY BUDDY :iconlunadescence: (previously xXMidnightSkyXx- Thought your old name was pretty cool, but the new one is awesome too!) who reminded me that I needed to get back and she missed me. SHE MISSED ME. *sniff* :'D I love you so much Luna. So frikin much.

Now, I'm sure you few guys that follow my stories and crap are waiting for my explanation to why I disappeared from dvA for a while.... well, you see—triestomakearunforitbutheroicallyfails— So yeah, lots of reasons why:

:bulletred: I'm a procrastinator.
:bulletwhite: I'm part American//shotsobadly//
:bulletblue: Summer School was a requirement for all of the students going to my new school.
:bulletred: I get distracted easi—OMG squirrel!
:bulletwhite: Started watching Doctor Who [That show is amazing as it is addicting.]
:bulletblue: I have a book report(s)
:bulletblack: I ate England's cooking.

I'm guessing some of you already read through that last chapter I promised you guys like... before summer started and before that, and you've noticed something strange. I've come to notice it too while I wrote around that chapter and re-read the other parts. The words are a bit less choppy and the mood of the story kinda changed. It's less humorous and a bit more serious if I'd say so myself. It's... like I kinda wanted it to be when I started  the story. Meh. Still has weak humor/shotagain/
I will see to it that I finish SOTES even if I die. Don't know how, but I will. Thank you to those to still follow it and those that will continue to follow it even with the mood change. :)

Also, as a future reminder, I've gotten myself in to a new school which is notorious for giving their students a shitload of work. I can't promise anything here, but I'll try my best. Even when I'm not in the school yet, they still give me trouble. Everyone has to attend summer school, 10 book reports all typed(where the heck am I gonna find a printer??), and last but not least, I need immunization  shots to get in. I'm not very happy with the last one. -___-

Just because summer's shitty, doesn't mean that I didn't do anything productive... I think.
We all know Hetaflection isn't getting anywhere and I'm probably gonna drop it.
My drawing skill's gone up- no not with the tablet, but yes with a pencil. :)?
My writting's gotten better(?)

Okay, I know that's shitty there, but hold on, I'll work on it.

Now, unlike Hetaflection, I've come up with a new plot for my next Hetalia fanfic. It doesn't have a name yet, but it's still pretty fresh and probably will stay in my head. All I have to do if I get stray from the topic, is listen to creepy carnival music. That'll get me right where I need to. So the plot is AU and our wonderful Nation-tans are all humans who run a creepy-arse amusement park. They give no shiz for the people to pay to come, and have no care for what they think. Pairings yes, though they will be light. It will be mostly one-shots that pile up to the end of my stupid plot. I don't know whether or not I should start this on, cause I'm worried it'll end like Hetaflection did for me. I guess I'll try. If you guys can, help me think of a name for it!

(^Can this be called shameless advertising for shiz?//shot)

Once again, thank you so much Lunadescence and all the other lil' peeps out there that still follow my stuff! Throw those tomatoes at me! I deserve them! Hold dem scones though!

By the way, Happy Olympics 2012! You Brits sure know how to throw a party! :D


Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Ima newbie at drawing!!!!
I have no skill at drawing with my mouse!!!
Interests: Drawing, Goofin off, Pokemon, Music, Being random and bored oh and Hetalia!!!
and probably more!
I am Asian If you're wondering what I am.
I look like Hong Kong with long hair but I act like England with a hint of America!
coincident? I think not! Fore I am the outcome of the threesome AmericaxHongKongxEngland!

BTW I support almost any pairing whether it's USUK, FRUK, GERITA, and all the rest, I also support Genderbends (as long as it's not Yuri...^^') OH and HetaliaxReaders are Fun!

Current Residence: In Alfred's Glasses
Favourite genre of music: J-Pop
Favourite cartoon character: Arthur Kirkland! (England)
Personal Quote: ........ no comment..... ._.
:iconusxukstamp1::iconusxukstamp2: Yes, I ship it :D :iconjapanshipsitplz: and so does Japan...
:iconusukstamp1plz::iconusukstamp2plz: I just love this one!~


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I miss you guys too!!
Sadly, I've been meaning to get back!!
But School sucks. D':
Hopefully I'll get active again!
Stay strong my fellow Hetard!!
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Summer's almost over and I still haven't finished school crap! Damn school, who the bloody fudge assigns people with 10 freaking book reports during summer school?! I promise, I will make a comeback! SOON!!
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